Operational Management

Ein guter Plan heute ist besser als ein perfekter Plan morgen.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow
(George Smith Patton, US General)

After establishing the digital master plan the next logical step will be the gradual implementation. Based on reliable feasibility analysis and planning IT systems need to be strengthen, in order to efficiently illustrate the future processes and business models.

This needs to be taken into consideration given the fact that cross-functional activity fields like strategy and business model, customers, production, business processes, and employees are involved and often interact like wheels in a gearbox.

netwyk.com supports you during the analysis of existing processes and IT tools, plans and accompanies the transfer to the target architecture. In doing so we explicitly include grown in-house developments (on the basis of MS Access, MS SQL, MS Excel and others) to ensure the contained, mostly indispensable know how.

Based on practical experience (e.g. in the topics ERP, CRM, PIM, production, order planning, product configuration, calculation, documentation, technical calculation, and many more) we ensure an efficient achievement of the target architecture.

During the operative implementation we put great emphasis on the topics master data and data quality management. Given the fact that data are the resources of digital processes, it is essential to recognize the special and increasingly decisive importance of data quality. Together we are able to implement tools and processes that can lead to significant qualitative leaps with little use of resources.

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